Tuesday, 27 October 2009

BBC thinks what happened to Anne Franck to be most amusing

The BBC have a radio programme called "The Unbelievable Truth". It's a panel game-show and is classed by the BBC as comedy. Team players are asked to judge unlikely, amusing and quirky statements as to whether they are true or not.

On last night's show (26 October 2009, 6:30pm) by way of a lead in to the programme, the programme's chairman gave various examples of such "statements". One example he gave of an untrue statement is that the last entry in Anne Franck's diary is about her father giving her a set of drums. The studio audience laughed - presumably at the thought of Anne Franck leading herself to the gas chamber by having hit the drums and alerting the Nazis to her hiding place. Silly girl.

I could not believe my ears - I still cannot believe it. Is the BBC staffed with of such a bunch of ignorance, vulgar and insensitive cretins? They seem to have learnt nothing from the Jonathan Ross affair.


Henry Crun said...

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Guess who?

Guesstapo, Miss Frank, please move zer bookcase.

Bob said...

Do you not think you're being a bit oversensitive? Chill out dude.